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Goal Clarity/Navigating Office Dynamics/Balance Work /Life

Breaking Through Barriers


INDIVIDUAL COACHING: Perfect Seminars LLC  creates a one on one highly confidential coaching climate, motivating clients to identify, embrace and harness their unique power within, bringing clarity to their goals.

As a certified John Maxwell coach, I have been trained to ask the right questions to help you arrive at and implement a positive life/business strategy. You are the priority and I am the tool to uncovering your purpose.


GROUP COACHING: Perfect Seminars LLC can develop customized workshops for small groups utilizing onsite or webinar and video technology training. Seminars in a group setting are created to encourage the entire group's input, enhancing dialogue and acting as a foundation for developing real-life solutions fitting the environment in which they are employed. This approach creates a synergy of thoughts and a warm learning environment where mistakes and described failures are transformed into opportunities and positive advantages. At the conclusion, your group will complete their seminar with an enriched and renewed set of leadership tools and guidelines to meet and exceed their company objectives.


Life/ Career Coaching

Mid Career Consultations

Conflict Resolution

Career Transitions

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