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A coach defined means come alongside. Our coaching enhances the skills you already possess but have not had time to identify, consequently, not allowing you to develop them fully. We will explore your values and beliefs, allowing you to bring clarity to who you are and gently allowing you to take steps towards change.  We believe that fear stagnates growth and we will walk along with you giving you the tools to tear down your terror barrier, piece by piece. You will become renewed and this newness will become the foundation of your abundant life, living it successfully and with laser-focused purpose.

Living in divine purpose to be a difference maker

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Frees you from past choices allowing you to create a promising future.

Donna Darden

MBA., Author, Retired Auto Executive, Professional  John Maxwell Certified Teacher, Speaker, Coach

Founder & President, Perfect Seminars LLC


Donna Darden’s Coaching Philosophy is to create a warm learning environment where there are no dumb questions, but learning opportunities. A classroom that identifies each client as an individual with individual learning requirements.  Donna seeks the answers from within each client, building self-esteem and comfort for implementation. Reducing unknown fear, she asks participants permission before offering a suggestion, to protect self-thought and resolution. Donna promotes thinking out of the box and supplies avenues of engagement to exam exact value and what that value can add to the company in which they are employed.  Donna continues to  be a life long learner investing in real-time training to ensure her clients are on focus and ready to meet the demands of today's expectations



Qualifications                                                              Volunteer

Author M.O.M. 22 Impactful Words on  Experienced Mentorship

Corporate and Entrepreneur experience              Big Brothers, Big Sisters

Six Sigma Champion                                                   Principal for a day

Lean Manufacturing Graduate                                Member NAPW

Greenbelt Graduate                                                    Project management

Dale Carnegie 16 week graduate                            Certified Grant writer

Anthony Robbins Peak Performance Graduate

Member Toastmasters International 

Member International Federation of Speakers

Member of Evangelical Training Association  



Ed Foxworth

National Speaker, Coach and Author

Edward Foxworth III, Multimedia Personality, Author and Speaker is highly sought after to present before corporations, colleges & universities, nonprofit organizations and conferences throughout the U.S. Mr. Foxworth was raised in a suburb of New York City, where he quickly grew up with four brothers and sisters in the house, where he battled the low-income lifestyle that invited opportunities to make poor choices. Foxworth integrates his childhood experiences and life lessons into messages of passion, faith, and perseverance. His career path has consisted of working as a community service director in some of Charlotte, North Carolina’s poorest neighborhoods, a community development specialist in Detroit, Michigan’s toughest communities, a non-profit Chief Executive Officer, a T.V./Radio Personality, an Entrepreneur, University Instructor, Corporate Diversity Coach, Author, and Speaker.

            Ed has a passion for encouraging Americans to work harder at self-sufficiency.  He has been featured in Black Enterprise, Fuzion Magazine, World Traveler, Rolling Out, the University of Phoenix’s Alumni Magazine and countless newspaper articles. His experience as a broadcast journalist on CBS, CW50, Radio One, and Detroit’s Independently owned WGPR Radio has given him an opportunity to inform thousands, on significant trends in America, cultural preferences among brand loyal consumers and stories of people overcoming the odds, despite their challenges.


  His most popular and thought-provoking presentations are;

            Identity By Design: The Six Routines of Self-Discovery

            Freedom from past choices and experiences to a Promising Future


             It’s Just Domino’s” is an example of urban survival coupled with a determination to learn, love and overcome.  


            With his newest book, “The Six Routines of Self-Discovery,” now in stores, Foxworth encourages people to explore within in an attempt to advance their life. His prescribed routines are intended to help individuals to increase their personal productivity in pursuit of lost passions and to have a greater degree of participation in designing a plan for an extraordinary future.


            Mr. Foxworth holds a Master’s in Business Administration degree from The University of Phoenix and sits on several Nonprofit Boards, including The American Red Cross of Southeastern Michigan and Spectrum Human Services. To book Mr. Foxworth for your next event, contact Destiny Speakers Bureau at 708.544.4199.


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