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Institute of Independence

The California Black Chamber of Commerce

Bayside Church of Sacramento  

Sojourner Foundation

Able Organization

2Q travel 


Broker One

DeAngelo’s Soul food, Deli and more

Ford African American Alumni Association

Campaign coordination, Marcellus Brice, Detroit, Michigan

Retired Auto Workers / and Mr. Smooth annual cabaret for the Homeless







 Words from our clients:

I had the opportunity to attend a recent seminar of Donna's on the 21 Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell.  One of my personal take-a-ways from this was about "being in their moment." Too often we're consumed with our own agenda, our own feelings, and views.  When you're in their moment, you connect and gain your customer's trust which also amplifies your influence. Not only was I able to apply this in business, but I was also able to improve my personal relationships as well. It's given me a fresh perspective about how pivotal relationships (and nurturing them) relate to your success in whatever it is you do. You need alliances to succeed.


Melverne Mills  Wayne State University, Media and Arts




Her perspective and experience speak very authoritatively to the principles of working through the process. In today's age, we have this innate drive to jump to the finish line, oftentimes, too soon. Understanding and appreciating the process a little more has helped me to approach everything with a better posture and certainly a more positive outlook.


Dennis Ferguson, President AAA Ferguson Insurance Agency



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