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Perfect Seminars LLC  is committed to creating a personal, confidential, coaching climate, motivating clients to identify, embrace and harness their unique power within, bringing clarity to their business and personal goals.


Perfect Seminars LLC is Preparing, Excellent, Reasoning, For, Effective, Career, Transition.

    Our mission is to uplift, mentor and motivate career seekers and business owners to be the change they wish to create.






To become the motivational, educational and transitional training and consulting component that every company requires to compete in today's market place.


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Donna is:

A Born Leader That Will Transform Your Organization!

She is a passionate, energetic and a thorough individual in and outside of the work environment. Over the many years, I have known Donna she has provided me career guidance and counsel on navigating the corporate political landscape.


Jason Lee

President , CEO , Junior Achievement

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